Manor Colts YFC
Manor Colts YFC

Date Added 26/08/2017

Manor Colts Football Club with be following Hampshire FA first silent weekend, of the season. Let them Play! On Saturday the 30th of September and Sunday the 1st of October!

Which allows children to play in an environment, where adults are silent and therefore do not interfere with play. Enabling children to make their own decisions, and be freely expressive on the pitch. The only voices you should hear, are the voices of the children who are actually playing the match! 

Cheering and applauding good play, goals and sportsmanship for both teams is acceptable. But no instructions shouted from the sidelines, from parents or coaches.

There is a silent weekend resource booklet, in the Manor Colts club documents page, please take a look. There is also one attached in this post!

Please can everyone involved with Manor Colts FC, support the silent weekend!

Silent Weekend 1 2017-18 Season