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Manor Colts YFC


Please see the following guide on the NEHYL website:

Codes of Conduct

The Respect Codes of Conduct are available at:

All those involved with all teams, coaches, players and spectators, should sign up to the relevant Code each season. Parents and players sign up to them through the registration forms, but Respect Codes should be emailed to them, read out to players at a training session, and re-briefed if there are any issues with compliance to them. Coaches and any assistants should read the coach one and sign a register. Linesmen should read and sign the match official one.

The information at the end of this email, taken from the FA website, explains the purpose of the codes.


It is a requirement now that fans and parents/carers from both sides stand on one side of the pitch. This allows the coaches of both teams to stand on the other side of the pitch, meaning players get instructions from just one side of the pitch. Please also make all spectators aware that they should not watch from behind the goal lines. Also, at Jubilee Fields for U8 – U10, spectators should not be between 5 or 7 a side pitches when matches are taking place on both pitches. 

We also now need to mark the designated spectator areas; these should be 2m from the edge of the pitch along the length of the pitch. At the moment we are not purchasing barriers for this, but using cones to mark these areas. It is beneficial if managers nominate someone to act as “Touchline Manager” each week to ensure all spectators comply with requirements (this is compulsory for younger age groups as a Respect Steward), as it can be hard for managers/coaches to do this from the other side of the pitch. Make sure they understand the requirements and are not afraid to “remind” those who don’t comply!


This must take place before every game and is to include the referee.

This is to be organised by the Home manager and to take place in the centre of the pitch with the teams in two lines and to walk past each other and the Referee exchanging the handshake with each other. If the home manager doesn’t suggest it, be proactive and make sure it is done.

There is no need for the Respect Handshake to take place at the end of the game just a general well done and friendly handshake with the opposition and Referee as you leave the field of play. If you want the teams to line up and shake hands afterwards as well, tell the other manager and the ref beforehand, I’m sure most won’t object.


Please get a Respect Captain’s Armband from the Kit Supervisor if you do not have one.