Manor Colts YFC
Manor Colts YFC

Guidance re Qualifications for coaches/assistants:


Please find below details of qualification requirements for Hampshire FA managers/coaches which we must adhere to. 


FA Number – in order to register for any courses and to complete the CRC check you must first have an FA number which you can get on line at


Criminal Records Check - Hampshire FA spell out the requirements for the CRC as detailed below:

Definition of Regulated Activity: Activity which involves Teaching, Training, Instructing, Caring for or Supervising children OR providing guidance\advice on well being OR driving a vehicle only for Children AND it happens frequently (once a week or more often) OR happens intensively (on 4 or more days in a 30 day period or overnight) AND the individual carrying out the activity of Teaching, Training OR Instructing is Unsupervised. 

Who must have an FA CRC with the Disclosure & Barring Service? Those personnel over 16 who meet the criteria of Regulated Activity - Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers, Physiotherapists, First Aiders, Welfare Officers, Referees who officiate in Youth Football, Designated Club Mini Bus Drivers and Parent Helpers depending on the frequency. 

In 2014 there will be a shift of Duty from Not knowingly employing a barred person in Regulated Activity to ensuring that persons in Regulated activity are not barred! This is a significant change and will mean that checks must be undertaken or Individuals/Clubs will be breaking the Law. (Legal Requirement).

Link for CRC disclosures:


And the applicant user guide at

and attached.


You need to self-register.

Org PIN  105378

Secret word      See CWO for secret word

Org name              Manor Colts Youth FC


Once you have submitted your application, you need to see the CWO who will verify your documents. We ask people to pay themselves and then claim it back through subs or by seeing Gavin Browne, treasurer – it is £10.


If you are struggling to complete the application, please contact the CWO


Mandatory Courses

Each team needs to have an FA Level 1 qualified coach. If you do not have this qualification, please sign up for a course – the Club will met the full cost of this – as soon as you have registered for the course and paid, e mail or take your receipt to our treasurer, Gavin Browne, telling him which tem you are with, and he will refund the cost. If you do not complete the course, you would be expected to pay or contribute towards it. Courses can be booked at: or via the NEHYL website at

The FA Level 1 includes Safeguarding children and Emergency Aid.

 Guidance on who has to complete the Safeguarding Children course is on the FA website:

Safeguarding Children workshop - a requirement for all FA qualified coaches, welfare officers, referees and medics (also available to anyone who wishes to attend)

Each team needs at least 1 first aider – get someone else qualified if your main coach might not be there sometimes.

So, if anyone else wishes to attend Safeguarding or Emergency Aid courses, please see the courses link under FA Level 1 coaching information above.